​​​​Students for Africa

We installed a well in Meserani Village, Tanzania. The borehole is 80m deep. We also funded the completion of a well in nearby Terite Village. This provides a safer, healthier source of water, and frees up more children's time so that they can attend school.

A note from Meserani Village

(October, 2016)

"This is just to inform all of you that we have completed drilling the well in Meserani. It was a good day for us in the Meserani community. Everybody is happy to have water. Indeed, we have got a lot of water. I cannot explain how happy the people are about it, but what we know is this - it is an unforgettable service for us. We  hope students in school and women will rest from fetching water far away from the school and herding the donkeys to the river 8km away. Many thanks and blessings from the people of Meserani for your assistance to get water. This was a burning issue for the village. We thank you all. May God bless you."

Peter Losioki

Meserani Village Council Chairman