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At night, livestock are safer, because lights help keep away wildlife such as jackals, hyenas, leopards and foxes.

People are less likely to step on scorpions and snakes in the dark. The kitchens in people's homes are lit. This aids in dinner preparation. Students have light in the evening to do their homework.

Before we installed solar power in Meserani, villagers had to charge their flashlights and cell phones in Makanya, 35 km away.

How does solar power improve people's lives? 

solar power can change lives.

Meserani is a rural Maasai village in Tanzania, 35 km from the nearest town. There are 195 homes, clustered in 44 "bomas" (household family groupings). For $800, we can purchase another solar system for a home in the village. This cost includes installation and a 3-year warranty, with families that receive the systems then owning them outright. A solar system can be a great fundraising goal for your school, business, community or church group! The installation happens quickly and we will provide you with photos of the family who receives it. 

Having light means that children can study and do homework after sunset. A rechargeable flashlight can be used to light a path in the dark night. Women who otherwise have no communication with the world outside their village can hear news on the radio. Cell phones can be charged locally. These are just a few of the ways in which solar power can improve the quality of people's everyday lives. So far, we have installed 15 solar units in rural Meserani village, and donated 43 LuminAid inflatable solar lanterns to families in need.