​​We are committed to improving the learning conditions for children in a multitude of ways. We seek to empower girls and women in leadership roles and we are creating better opportunities for children to attend and succeed in school.  

For example, we are providing wells and solar power. Water is a scarce resource, often collected from local river by the children. In the village of Meserani, the river is 8 km away from the village. We have installed a well, which provides a safer and healthier water source, and frees up children's time so that they can attend school. There is no electricity in Meserani and nights are dark. We have installed solar power in 14 clusters of homes in the village, as well as near the well. Children and their families now have light at night, and other benefits of electrical power.

Empowering Women​

We are helping women in Meserani to gain livelihoods while improving school conditions in the village. We pay Esther and her assistant to teach 80 preschool children. We are sponsoring Ruth to attend teacher's college. We pay Paulina and her helper to cook lunches for the 337 children in nursery and elementary school. These women were selected by the village council.


From school lunches to scholarships for teacher training, we are dedicated to helping improve the education of rural Maasai children. Our projects are based on solutions proposed by village members.

Supporting Education 

School attendance and teacher retention is challenging, because of the the hardship of daily life in a marginalized, rural village. We are supporting school attendance by providing lunch at school and a well close by.  We have sponsored a local woman to attend teacher's college. We pay the salary of another local woman to teach nursery school.

Some ways we are helping rural maasai villages in KILIMANJARo region, tanzania


Imagine if your only water source was a muddy river with hippos and crocodiles, 8 km away from your home. We have installed hand pump wells in 2 villages that will provide safe, clean water.

​​Nourishment and Supplies
We have provided new desks and benches, uniforms, soccer balls and school supplies. We have sponsored a high school graduate from the village to attend teacher's college. We provide a daily hot lunch to all the children in the village who attend nursery and elementary school. Villagers have reported that children are better able to concentrate at school and attendance has increased.

​​​A Well and Solar Power 

​We have installed hand pump  wells in 2 villages so that the children don't have to gather water for their families at rivers anymore. Easier access to drinking water frees up children's time to attend school, and provides a safer water source for everyone. We have installed solar power in 14 clusters of homes in Meserani. We have also provided solar power at the site of the well, to make it safer at night to get water.

safe, clean water

​our basis is friendship


Clothing and household supplies; solar power; leadership opportunities with equal gender representation; school lunches; clean, safe water...  We listen carefully and find ways to help.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 

​- Nelson Mandela

​​​​Students for Africa


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